Men’s Quarter

beauty treatments for men mens brows waxing and threading

At No.3 we are aware that men’s grooming is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more men realise that attention to detail can make all the difference to the way they look and feel. If you have bushier eyebrows than you’d like then the Rustic Brow is a great treatment, or why not go for the No.3 Man Brow where you will have shaping and tinting for the more defined look accompanied with a whisky on the rocks for the ultimate treatment.

No3 Man Brow £24*

This custom brow treatment begins with a whisky on the rocks while discussing shape, colour and a style to create the best rustic or clean cut brow for you. Includes waxing, threading, trim, colour and finished with our man brow grooming product.

Rustic Brow Shape £12

Groomed to Perfection Brow Shape £16

Monobrow £6

Brow Colour £14

Nostril £10

Hot wax hair removal.

Ear £10

Hot wax hair removal.

Beard Line and Cheek Threading £12

Nail Grooming £18

Enjoy whisky on the rocks whilst having your MANicure which includes file, cuticle work, buffing and a hand massage.

* Patch test required at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.
If you would like to have any of these treatments with Keira or Phoebe a £1 surcharge will apply.
Please read our Terms & Conditions before making a booking.